Writing a script for a podcast

Nicola Posted in Writing Thanks to the internet, we are connected to millions of people sharing the same interests, opinions and passions. Via writing in different forums or starting a blog, we can become part of this huge exchange of points of view. In recent years, publishing podcasts has become a big part of this exchange of opinions.

Writing a script for a podcast

To script or not to script

I see three different formats for presenting content. Script—you write and read the script verbatim into your podcast. Ad-lib—you speak freely without restriction or direction.

Hi Daniel, I love your podcast.

writing a script for a podcast

I am new to listening to podcasts and I am intending to start my own soon. I have a question about episode which I have just listened to today. How much scripting do you do, if any, for pre-show prep?

It sounds to me that you do none as its so natural sounding. I love the way you describe how to break it down into parts. Scripted audio and video is all around us.

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Movies and non-reality TV shows are scripted and performed by usually skilled actors. News broadcasts on radio and TV are scripted and either read from a teleprompter or script. Political speakers usually read from a teleprompter, too.

Commercials are almost always scripted. Even late-night comedy shows are partially scripted. But this precision and accuracy comes at the cost of time and presentation quality. The downside to scripts is that they must be read.

I think around ten minutes is the longest you should let a scripted podcast be.

writing a script for a podcast

When I first started the Ramen Noodle — clean-comedy podcastI scripted my episodes and performed them verbatim. Ad-lib On the total opposite to scripting would be ad-libbing. This is when you speak freely and have no restrictions or directions for your content.

This can be very comfortable for some people to present, but others will be very uncomfortable with publishing something unpolished. Conversations are a form of ad-libbing as each participant speaks as the thoughts come to them. Free-flowing thought can be hard for a listener or viewer to follow, and they may often be annoyed by the rabbit trails and excessive emptiness a podcaster speaks to make a simple point.

I know I can struggle with a little too much ad-libbing. Outline my recommendation A hybrid between a rigid script and ad lib would be an outline.

This is when you have your points you want to cover, and the extra information handy, and then you present from those points.

Introduce the Audio

You can present great content from a 5-,or point outline without your audience ever knowing your list, but still receiving the information. This is my top recommendation because it gives your content flow, while still allowing freedom to ad-lib as you elaborate your points.

Even multihost podcasts can follow outlines. Using an outline in conversations keeps the discussion moving and ensures you present a structured message to your audience.

A hybrid for your show notes If you want the most effective podcast show notesthen I recommend combining all of the above. Outline your content with headings, subheadings, and lists. Script or transcribe the things that must be accurate quotations, technical descriptions, etc.

Ad-lib by writing some concise sentences that summarize what you spoke, without being a transcript or commentary. These hybrid show notes become very useful: How do you prepare your content presentation?Before the Podcast.

This section deals with everything relating to the creation of podcast content, from outlining a show's content to booking guests and formulating questions for them. How To Write A Killer Podcast Script Posted on April 9, by Nicola Posted in Writing Thanks to the internet, we are connected to millions of people sharing the same interests, opinions and passions.

Since a narrative podcast is telling a story, writing your script with basic narrative elements is important.

It’s often easiest to plan out the spine of your narrative and then fill in content around your story. How To Write A Radio Script For Your Shows Sometimes it is better to plan out your radio show with a script, iridis-photo-restoration.com has a few tips as to how to best write a radio script for your station.

Posted by Rhys Hancock in Radio Tips. A great brand video starts with a great video script.

Scripting podcasts: Three tips for writing podcast episodes

Voiceover, music, visuals—these devices enhance your story, but that story needs to be on paper first. For that reason, there’s a great deal of responsibility at this stage of the video production process. The good news is that you can write.

Video Podcast Script. It is very helpful when being videoed to have some idea of what you want to say! A script will help with this. Even if you don't need it during the recording, it will assist you in case you freeze up when you see the red recording light.

Scripting podcasts: Three tips for writing podcast episodes