Understanding and planning business reports and proposals 2016

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Understanding and planning business reports and proposals 2016

Understanding Institutional Finances 1. What role can faculty play in institutional financial decisions? In accord with principles of shared governance described by the AAUP and other organizations over the course of several decades, the faculty should participate meaningfully in major decisions about institutional direction and priorities.

Here are two key passages: The faculty should participate both in the preparation of the total institutional budget and within the framework of the total budget in decisions relevant to the further apportioning of its specific fiscal divisions salaries, academic programs, tuition, physical plant and grounds, and so on.

The soundness of resulting decisions should be enhanced if an elected representative committee of the faculty participates in deciding on the overall allocation of institutional resources and the proportion to be devoted directly to the academic program.

This committee should be given access to all information that it requires to perform its task effectively, and it should have the opportunity to confer periodically with representatives of the administration and governing board.

Circumstances of financial exigency obviously pose special problems. At institutions experiencing major threats to their continued financial support, the faculty should be informed as early and as specifically as possible of significant impending financial difficulties.

The faculty—with substantial representation from its nontenured as well as its tenured members, since it is the former who are likely to bear the brunt of any reduction—should participate at the department, college or professional school, and institution-wide levels in key decisions as to the future of the institution and of specific academic programs within the institution.

How can I get data on institutional finances? However, there are some points that apply to all institutions. The fundamental principle of faculty participation in shared governance applies to financial decisions as well. Meaningful participation means that faculty representatives must receive complete information before major decisions are made.

Financial information is most useful when you can look at trends over time. Use good judgment in pressing your request for additional information, but try to get at least three years of data. One key point that applies everywhere: A budget is a plan.

understanding and planning business reports and proposals 2016

Ideally, the most complete source of information would be an audited financial statement, or its equivalent. Most institutions should be producing these every year, to meet various reporting requirements. All colleges and universities complete a series of data reports each year to the U.

Department of Education Data Feedback Report, including basic institutional financial information. In addition to federal reporting requirements, many of the regional accrediting agencies now require that institutions submit regular financial reports.

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