Topics for master thesis on mathematics

Quarter Archives Overview To complete your MS in Mathematics degree, you have a choice of writing a master's degree thesis or passing two comprehensive exams.

Topics for master thesis on mathematics

Bernhard Klingenberg On leave Possible thesis topics: Methods for Categorical Data Analysis Possible colloquium topics: Any topic in statistics, such as: I study algebraic structures called commutative rings.

Specifically, I have been investigating the relationship between local rings and their completion. One defines the completion of a ring by first defining a metric on the ring and then completing the ring with respect to that metric. I am interested in what kinds of algebraic properties a ring and its completion share.

This relationship has proven to be intricate and quite surprising. I am also interested in the theory of tight closure, and Homological Algebra. Topics in Commutative Algebra including: More generally, characterize what sets of prime ideals of a complete local ring can occur in the generic formal fiber.

Steven Miller on leave Spring For more information and references, see http: Analytic number theory, random matrix theory, probability and statistics, graph theory.

My main research interest is in the distribution of zeros of L-functions. It turns out that the properties of zeros of L-functions are extremely useful in attacking questions in number theory. Interestingly, a terrific model for these zeros is given by random matrix theory: This model also does a terrific job describing behavior ranging from heavy nuclei like Uranium to bus routes in Mexico!

In addition to being of theoretical interest, applications range from the IRS which uses it to detect tax fraud to computer science building more efficient computers. Plus anything you find interesting.

Ralph Morrison Research interests: I work in algebraic geometry, which is the study of solution sets to polynomial equations. Such a solution set is called a variety.There are many topics in the history of mathematics that could be developed into a thesis -- the history of an individual or group of mathematicians (e.g.

Ramanujan or women in mathematics), the history of mathematics in a specific region of the world (e.g. Islamic, Chinese, or the development of mathematics in the U.S.), or the history of a.

topics for master thesis on mathematics

April Math/Stats Thesis and Colloquium Topics. THE DEGREE WITH HONORS IN MATHEMATICS. The degree with honors in Mathematics or Statistics is awarded to the student who has demonstrated outstanding intellectual achievement in a program of study which extends beyond the requirements of the major.

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Erik Maki: Iterated Function Systems with Place-Dependent Probabilities and the Inverse Problem of Measure Approximation Using Moments. Athanasios (Demetri) Pananos. Senior thesis and phd thesis at the mathematics department.

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