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The French occupation and its consequences — Although several projects for a French occupation of Egypt had been advanced in the 17th and 18th centuries, the purpose of the expedition that sailed under Napoleon I from Toulon in May was specifically connected with the war against Britain.

Napoleon had discounted the feasibility of an invasion of England but hoped, by occupying Egypt, to damage British trade, threaten Indiaand obtain assets for bargaining in any future peace settlement.

Meanwhile, as a colony under the benevolent and progressive administration of Revolutionary FranceEgypt was to be regenerated and would regain its ancient prosperity. The military and naval forces were therefore accompanied by a commission of scholars and scientists to investigate savants editing services report the past and present condition of the country.

Meanwhile, Egyptian resentment of alien rule, administrative innovationsand the growing fiscal burden of military occupation was exacerbated when the Ottoman sultan, Selim III —declared war on France on September An unforeseen revolt in Cairo on October 21 was suppressed after an artillery bombardment that ended any hopes of cordial Franco-Egyptian coexistence.

His invasion force crossed the frontier in February but failed to take Acre after a protracted siege March 19—May 20and Napoleon evacuated Syrian territory. At this point Napoleon resolved to return to France, and he succeeded in slipping away, past the British fleet, on August Sir Sydney Smith, the British naval commander in the eastern Mediterranean, sponsored the convention, but in this he had exceeded his powers and was instructed by his superior officer, Admiral Lord Keith, to require the French to surrender as prisoners of war.

In a threefold invasion of Egypt began. The brief episode of the French occupation was to be significant for Egypt in several ways. The arrival of a European army accompanied by scholars and scientists appropriately inaugurated the impact of the West, which was to be felt increasingly afterward.

They uncovered the celebrated Rosetta Stonewhich held a trilingual inscription making it possible to decipher hieroglyphs and which thus laid the foundation of modern Egyptology. Of more immediate consequence for Egypt was the effect of the French occupation on internal politics.

In March the British troops were evacuated in accordance with the Treaty of Amiens March 27, But the Ottomans, determined to reassert their control over Egypt, remained, establishing their power through a viceroy and an occupying army, in which the most effective fighting force was an Albanian contingent.

The Albanians, however, acted as an independent party and in May mutinied and installed their leader as acting viceroy.There are many essay review services, but the issue with most of them is that they are best at editing your essay impersonally, i.e., without getting to know you as a student.

Savants exhibit extraordinary visual talents along with profound linguistic and social impairment. The intense focus on and ability to remember visual detail contributes to the artistic product of the savant.

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savants editing services

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