Palm kernel oil business plan

The firm is highly focused and promise to follow a path of prosperity of palm kernel nuts for its owner and staff.

Palm kernel oil business plan

The only amount of money needed for the land acquisition is about Nfor compensating the owners of the land before the community takes over the ownership of the land. Among the various villages that make up different Local Government Area, the oil mill will be producing some products as palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernel powder and other stuffs used as raw materials for subsidy industries in Imo State within the south eastern region.

Industries that will benefit from this oil mill include; the soap industry, cosmetic industries, beverages industries, food industries etc. It is estimated that the revenue generated by the mill will be up to N 3 million a month.

Also, given that, there is much soap, cosmetics, food and beverage industries in neighbouring cities and state, the mill will experience increase in sales of its products. Before now, these industries that depend on palm products for production go as far as neighbouring countries for the raw materials but with the establishment if an oil mill palm kernel oil business plan different Local Government Area in Imo State, most of them will divert to SWAG Oil Mill for their raw materials.

It is a partnership business owned by a group of 5 individuals in collaboration with the Different Local Government. Nigeria community will be the major source of raw materials for the mill.

The major materials are the palm trees plantation in the area. Though the community have abundant palm plantation which is part of its natural endowment, the local government will establish improved breeds or species of palm that can produce palm fruits very fast.

This is to ensure constant production of the palm products. Also, the proposed oil mill industry in Nigeria would be established in a new factory building in the community.

The community has large land mass and it will be easy for us to have enough space for the location of the industry. Digestion of the fruit: The community is known for its palm plantation which is in abundance and the fertility of its soil. The land is vast, measuring about 2 hectares.

In the land, we would erect a building which will serve as a hall for the materials. There will be lass transport cost since the mill is near the source of raw materials.

Warehouses will be built for the storage of the already processed palm.

Small-Scale Palm Oil Processing Business in Nigeria; A Feasibility Study Elijah I. Ohimain 1*, This study investigates the feasibility of small-scale palm oil processing in Nigeria, using Elele, Rivers Feasibility study determines whether the business plan has the necessary resources for it to be practicable (Marino, ), so that the. Nylon & Polythene Bag Production Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Studies MISSION AND OBJECTIVE ABC oil resources will produce palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake for the city of its domicile, Lagos, the entire Lagos state and the nation in general. Starting a Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Company – Sample Business Plan Template. 1. Start by writing your business plan. Writing a good business plan is an important part of starting a business.

The palm oil mill has a very good prospect for surviving in the raw material market for industries. Firstly, most of the small scale industries in Different will patronize the mill industry, hotels, palm kernel oil and palm oil sellers in the area can buy directly from SWAG Oil Mill in bulk.

Industries in Aba, Enugu, and Port Harcourt can easily locate the mill and buy the products. This will thereby reduce the transport cost.

SWAG Mill will increase the production and sales of palm produce in its environs. This will result to increase in profit and profitability since there are no too many competitors in the south east region market. The cost of production will be low because most of the staff will be recruited from the community and the source of raw materials for the mill is gotten from the natural endowment within the environs.

There would be an integrated marketing communication between the mill and its target market. There will be proficient marketing professionals recruited for this purpose. Again, the industry will make use of customer based pricing one of its pricing strategy.

It will also emphasize on quantity discount as a pricing strategy also. The production process for palm oil making is very vital and the procedures of making palm oil are of 2 patterns: Both patterns will be used.

The following stages in palm oil making using the old pattern include the following:Starting a Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Company – Sample Business Plan Template. 1. Start by writing your business plan.

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Palm Kernel Oil Production Business Plan – Executive Summary Henai Palm Kernel Oil Inc is one of the foremost leading palm kernel oil extraction companies in Brickell Avenue, Miami, USA that caters to mostly domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Starting a Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Company – Sample Business Plan Template.

palm kernel oil business plan

1. Start by writing your business plan. Writing a good business plan is an important part of starting a business. This interesting and detailed article explores several business opportunities and strategies to succeed in red palm oil production in Africa.

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The business opportunities in red palm oil production in Africa are quite impressive. Palm kernel oil has hundreds of uses in the home and industries.

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