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Strzok said he could not answer any questions about the ongoing investigation based on advice from the FBI's general counsel. Goodlatte threatened the witness with contempt over his refusal to answer the question, prompting angry responses from Democrats and demands for "points of order" and that the hearing be adjourned.

Opening fbi

Dec 30,  · If Mr. Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. and is now a cooperating witness, was the improbable match that set off a blaze that has consumed the first year of the Trump. Clinton's chief spokesman, Nick Merrill, on Friday morning excoriated the FBI for re-opening the case, calling the probe "disgraceful" and suggesting it was nothing more than a political. A Dangerous Precedent. Rather than asking for legislative action through Congress, the FBI is proposing an unprecedented use of the All Writs Act of to justify an expansion of its authority.

Thank you for the opportunity to testify before your committees again, this time in an open hearing. I testify today with significant regret, recognizing that my texts have created confusion and caused pain for people I love. Certain private messages of mine have provided ammunition for misguided attacks against the FBI, an institution I love deeply and have served proudly for more than 20 years.

Story Opening fbi Below I am eager to answer your questions, but let me first directly address those much-talked about texts. Like many people, I had and expressed personal political opinions during an extraordinary Presidential election. Many contained expressions of concern for the security of our country -- opinions that were not always expressed in terms Opening fbi am proud of.

But having worked in national security for two decades and proudly served in the U. Army, those opinions were expressed out of deep patriotism and an unyielding belief in our great American democracy. It is not who I am, and it is not something I would ever do.

I understand that my sworn testimony will not be enough for some people. After all, Americans are skeptical of anything they hear out of Washington.

But the fact is, after months of investigations, there is simply no evidence of bias in my professional actions. There is, however, one extraordinarily important piece of evidence supporting my integrity, the integrity of the FBI, and our lack of bias.

In the summer ofI was one of a handful of people who knew the details of Russian election interference and its possible connections with members of the Trump campaign.

This information had the potential to derail, and quite possibly, defeat Mr. But the thought of exposing that information never crossed my mind. And I am particularly proud of the work that I, and many others, did on the Clinton email investigation.

Our charge was to investigate it competently, honestly, and independently, and that is exactly what happened.

Opening fbi

This is an investigation into a direct attack by a foreign adversary — and it is no less so simply because it was launched against our democratic process rather than against a military base.

This is something that all Americans, of all political persuasions, should be alarmed by. In the summer ofwe had an urgent need to protect the integrity of an American Presidential election from a hostile foreign power determined to weaken and divide the United States of America.

This investigation is not politically motivated, it is not a witch hunt, it is not a hoax. During my testimony before these Committees two weeks ago, I was asked a number of questions, including about the ongoing Russia investigation, that counsel for the FBI instructed me not to answer.

Consistent with my obligations, I followed the instructions of agency counsel.President Donald Trump shakes hands with James Comey, then director of the FBI, on January Trump fired Comey in May. Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty.

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President Donald Trump renewed his attack on James Comey Sunday after the former FBI director said his belief Hillary Clinton would probably win the presidential race may have played a role.

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Dec 30,  · If Mr. Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. and is now a cooperating witness, was the improbable match that set off a blaze that has consumed the first year of the Trump.

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