How to write a caption for a political cartoon

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How to write a caption for a political cartoon

First, study the cartoon drawing and ask yourself a few questions. What is happening here? What is the most obvious thing happening?

Can you twist an obvious cliche? A recent New Yorker cartoon caption contest featured a group perhaps a board of directors on stage beneath a banner which read, Welcome Stockholders. One man stands behind the podium lectern.

All the people onstage are naked. The audience is not. Of the three caption finalists, my favorite was.

how to write a caption for a political cartoon

Can you twist something degrees. In the Welcome-Stockholders cartoon of the previous paragraph, the caption I wrote was based on a tip for controlling stage fright…imagine your audience naked. I placed the nervousness in the audience instead of the speaker. What could be happening here that is NOT obvious?

This may lead you in a funny direction. A great Gary Larson cartoon shows a snake sitting in a snake restaurant, twisted in an exaggerated fashion. A snake in the foreground comments: A New Yorker caption contest featured a cartoon with small children standing on the side walls and ceiling of a hallway.

Two adults are walking down the hallway.

The forgotten groups who were persecuted under the Third Reich

It inspired my caption: In the children-on-the-ceiling cartoon of the pervious paragraph, one of the top three submissions and my favorite was based on the observation that if the children were upside down, loose change should be falling from their pockets.

What could have happened that is not shown in the cartoon? Another cartoon from the New Yorker contest shows an old man sitting in a living room. A little girl is standing in front of him and holding a violin.

The room looks like it was hit by a minor explosion. But first, let me get the cat off the ceiling. What could this detail mean? What else could this be? Inspiration is in the details. And in humor, specific is usually funnier than general.

Challenge yourself without a contest. Take an existing cartoon and cover the caption without looking at it.

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Then write your own caption. This is a great exercise whenever you have some extra time on your hands: For example, on an airplane or in a waiting room. Find a cartoon in any magazine and create your own captions. Then compare your lines with the published caption.

One of the basic humor writing skills is to look for connections.

In , Dr. Seuss published this political cartoon in the New York PM newspaper as a way to address the issue of racial discrimination by urging change in the war industry. Because the war industry did not value the use of black labor in the war effort, the main idea presented in this cartoon is that both white and black labor are required to. Theodor Seuss Geisel ( – ) is best remembered for his children's books written under the pen name Dr. Seuss. In , years before he began working in children's literature, Geisel illustrated the print adverting for Flit, a DDT based insecticide. Big Business—Monkey Business © Rev. 2 Interpreting Political Cartoons – Cartoon 1 Directions: Answer the questions below each political cartoon.

Humor is often about connecting two things which were previously unconnected. Inside information gives you the inside track. When the caption is customized for a group, it has magical power. Use buzz words, activities, habits and names of people to drive the humor. Those customized captions would not be funny to an outsider, but it will hit the mark with the target audience.

Quality comes from quantity. For each New Yorker caption I submitted, I wrote at least ten captions and submitted my best one.Third graders write a caption for a photograph. In this Ancient History lesson plan, 3rd graders use a Time for Kids magazine to locate a caption and make observations about it.

Students view pictures of Ancient Greece and Rome and. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. 2. Locate three words or phrases used by the cartoonist to identify objects or people within the cartoon (Not all cartoons include words).

Push yourself. If you can write ten captions, then write five more. If you can write thirty captions, make it forty. Sometimes your last line is your most brilliant. In our Toastmasters weekly caption writing contest, I normally submitted ten captions each week.

I mentioned to . Draw a political cartoon that shows what might have happened to the delegates if the new nation had failed to win its freedom from Great Britain.

Include a caption explaining. Write to [email protected] with subject 'caption' or to The Hindu in School, /, Anna Salai, Chennai – 2 Thank you for all the creative entries to the ‘write your own caption. 8x12 inch Photographic Print from a high-quality scan of the original..

how to write a caption for a political cartoon

Title: Those hands across the sea Date Created/Published: Summary: Political cartoon showing hand of Uncle Sam slapping hand of John Bull, who is picking up a U.S. ship.

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