Hindi vs hinglish

Hindi india ki original bhasha hai or lagbhag sabhi log jo log english bilkul nahi jante ho hindi jante hai. Jabki hinglish likhne or padhne ke liye english ki basic information jaruri hai. Writing ki nazar se hindi type karne me mushkil hai jabki hinglish me aasani se typing ki ja sakti hai.

Hindi vs hinglish

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According to world statistics, the Indian English is spoken by about million people living in Indian cities. It is not difficult to guess what the young people living in urban India, being active functioning of contemporary processes of globalization of the world, are the most ardent supporters of the English.

Coupled with the development of television and the Internet, this has led to the introduction of English in the local Hindi, which could not but cause confusion of vocabulary and grammar of these two very different languages.

Thus, as a result we got a dialect called Hinglish, t. Features of Indian English What are the features of Hinglish? Indian English — rich language, which arose as a result of both borrowing from the literature, t.

The official language in compliance with all rules and traditions, and from the spoken, so-called national language, and, of course, from the British Standards speech.

However, the history of India is also interesting that in this case there is a borrowing of words and phrases, not only British but also American English.

This has led to discrepancies in the spelling. For example, in Indian newspapers can be read as a color, and colour.

Hindi vs hinglish

But the biggest difference is Hinglish the English pronunciation. People from different parts of India pronounce words with a different accent, and English words, in turn, Hindi vs hinglish exposed to strong phonetic transformations.

Who will turn out better? Below is a list of phrases used by the heroes of the next video with the translation. To speak to a call center in India — to communicate with the Indian call center. To feel like making fun of smb — feel like scoff at someone.

Terrible accent — a terrible accent. Brilliant accent — a great accent. Good Lord, what have I done? Hinglish can be expressed in many forms — it can be non-existent words similar to English or are half-English.


Also Hinglish you can call the local way of pronouncing English words. That is, you can watch absolutely chaotic ways of mixing, the whole point is that there are some clear boundaries or rules, but because the Indian version of the English language, being popular and used is constantly changing, it becomes even richer.

If you had the opportunity to watch Bollywood movies, you will probably have heard the sound of Hinglish, because it is a modern expression of Hindi, this is one of its basic functions. Time kya hua hai? I have hazaar things to tell you. Chello will designate an offer to go somewhere, t.

Also, India is renowned for its technical support to understand that — quite a feat, since the most frequent users of Internet services come from European countries and America, who have never been to India.

Moreover, Hinglish used not only in India but also in the UK, and the reason for this was the same all the Bollywood movies. For example, the British entered the lexicon of colloquial phrases such as innit? The short form is not it? Features of the use of English in the context of the hindi The special features of the use of English in Hindi is: Using endings — ing, for example: It is nice meeting you!

Adding end — ji to the names, which means that the expression of piety and deep respect, for example: Indians usually avoided verbs change over time, using them in most cases only the infinitive form without faces. Some Indian word can not be replaced by English.

These words are, for example, pronouns, which are almost never the British, as well as the possessive adjectives. The main requirement Hinglish — all words must be pronounced as if they utters a native Indian.

Pronunciation — this is one of the main points, ie. When the Indians want to establish a dialogue with the British or American, they use Hinglish, but then, and found misunderstandings and disagreements, as many stable idioms and phrases used by the British, have a completely different meaning in India, and some — are used only there.

The Indians asked the name of the person so: At the moment, Indian English is most often used in advertising campaigns, slogans and posters. In this way it is easier to attract attention to the product.The differences between English and Hindi/Urdu.

Introduction: Hindi is the major language of iridis-photo-restoration.comstically and in its everyday spoken form Hindi is virtually identical to Urdu, which is the national language of Pakistan. Quite simply, Hinglish — a mixture of Hindi (the official language of India) and other Indian languages such as Punjabi, Bengali and so on.

D., And English, which is the second official language in India. Hey! Dog Lover's - Welcome all to HINGLISH FACTS. If you are looking for best dog video's then don't forget to SUBSCRIBE us. Here you will find interesting f. Hey! Dog Lover's - Welcome all to HINGLISH FACTS.

If you are looking for best dog video's then don't forget to SUBSCRIBE us. Here you will find interesting f. Researchers say Hinglish, the hybrid version of Hindi peppered with English vocabulary, may soon outnumber speakers fluent in either one or two languages.

The Hinglish population has evolved to fill a niche between monolingual Hindi and full bilingualism because Hinglish responds to the need for a modern, yet localised way speaking which is also.

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