Escaped nazis

Share5 Shares To say that the Nazis caught the world off guard when they unleashed their military might at the end of the s would be an understatement. In the 70 years since the fall of the Third Reich, there has been much theorizing and questioning to find out just how the German military became as strong as it did so quickly. Some of those theories venture into an area bordering on absurd. Absurd or not, however, they are possibly some of the more interesting conspiracy theories of their time.

Escaped nazis

The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there. In Escaped nazis regard however, the aryans have had an underground habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years. An armed contingent of sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on board.

The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called "The Secret Land". There were three divisions of Operation High Jump: They also were fitted with large skis for landing on the ice field prepared for them.

The skis were specially fitted at three inches above the surface of the carrier deck. When landing on the ice at "Little America" the three inches of tire in contact with the snow and ice provided just enough and not too much drag for a smooth landing.

Admiral Byrd's team of six R4-D's were fitted with the super secret "Trimetricon" spy cameras and each plane was trailing a magnetometer.


They flew over as much of the continent as they could in the short three month "summer" period, mapping and recording magnetic data.

Magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth's magnetism, i. It was stated that he had "lost an engine" and had had to throw everything overboard except the films themselves and the results of magnetometer readings in order to maintain altitude long enough to return to Little America.

This is most certainly the time when he met with representatives of the aryans and a contingent of nazis. The task force came steaming back with their data which then became classified "top secret". Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal retired and started to "talk". He was put in Bethesda Naval Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from seeing or talking to anyone, including his wife!

Operation Highjump

It was ruled a suicide, case closed. He was telling people about the underground aryan base.Jesus Christ, people, I take a little personal time and turn this site into Badass of the Month for a little while and I’m already randomly encountering fucking mainstream non-Onion media articles debating the pros and cons of American Fascism and seeing non-ironic YouTube comments from wannabe suburban Hitlerjungend keyboard warriors whining that the latest video game trailer is “anti.

Escaped nazis

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • "An irresistible history of the WWII Jewish refugees who returned to Europe to fight the Nazis.”—Newsday They were young Jewish boys who escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe and resettled in America. After the United States entered the war, they returned to fight for their adopted homeland and for the families they had left behind.

War Crimes How Nazis Escaped Justice in South America. After World War II, dozens of Nazi criminals went into hiding in South America. A new study reveals how a 'coalition of the unwilling' on. When Hitler and his Nazis built the Warsaw Ghetto and herded , Polish Jews behind its walls to await liquidation, Irena Sendler defied the Nazis and saved 2, Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Every time some idiot states that the Nazis weren't Socialists adds further proof to what many psychologists believe, Socialism is a mental ilness. War Crimes How Nazis Escaped Justice in South America.

After World War II, dozens of Nazi criminals went into hiding in South America. A new study reveals how a 'coalition of the unwilling' on.

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