Compare and contrast little red riding hood

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Compare and contrast little red riding hood

Session One Show students the cover of Little Red Riding Hood Hyman,a beautifully illustrated retelling of the Grimms' version of this traditional tale. Before reading the story, ask students to talk about the title and the illustrations on the front and back covers and opposite the major title page.

This invitation sets the stage for students to draw on their prior knowledge of this well-known story and to engage in inferential thinking to interpret the traits, feelings, and motives of the central characters, based on clues in these pictures.

As the story unfolds, ask students to continue to talk about the textual and visual portrayal of each character in this story: Little Red Riding Hood, her mother, her grandmother, the wolf, and the hunter. At the end of this first read-aloud session, introduce other retellings of this traditional tale included in the text set see the Little Red Riding Hood Booklist and ask students to select one for independent reading.

Ask them to focus on the way the words and pictures provide clues about the traits, feelings, and motives of the characters in the books that they have chosen. Ask students to identify interesting differences found in these retellings and record their observations in their journals.

For example, the last line in Josephine Evetts-Secker's retelling is provocative: Session Two At the beginning of this second group session, give students an opportunity to share discoveries that they found in the retellings that they have explored.

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Ask students to compare the retellings with Hyman's retelling, which they read in the first session. Show students the cover of Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China translated and illustrated by Ed Youngand ask them to predict how this story will compare to those that they have already read.

Read aloud to the class. This older variant of the traditional tale provides a significant contrast with the diverse retellings of the Grimms' version.

Compare and contrast little red riding hood

In this variant, three sisters manage to get rid of the hungry wolf that plans to eat them by drawing on their own inner resources of courage and cunning to take action against the villain in this story. After reading the book, ask students, "What is surprising in this story? At the end of the discussion of this book, ask students to interpret Ed Young's dedication: Show students the cover of Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood and ask them to predict how this version will be different.

Read the story aloud to the class. This version gives students an opportunity to hear the dialect of Cajun storytellers, who tell this story of Petite Rouge Riding Hood and her cat, who, like Lon Po Po and her sisters, manage to outwit the villain.

In this story, the villain is Claude, an alligator. Again, invite students to respond to this retelling in light of the stories they had heard or read independently in this cumulative literature unit.

At the end of this session, introduce students to other retellings that represent cultural diversity, such as the following: In this humorous retelling, it is Grandma who gets rid of the wolf.A Comparison of Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault and Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm The stories?Little Red Riding Hood,?

by Charles Perrault, and?Little Red Cap,? by the Brothers Grimm, are similar and different. Feb 28,  · Big Bad Wolf Compare & Contrast As we continue working with compare and contrast this week in the classroom this is a fun activity to compare/contrast the Big Bad Wolf character in the fairy tales, "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs".Author: Kearson's Classroom.

The Little Red Riding Hood is years old!? Check out these 3 multicultural versions set in China, Ghana, and Cajun Louisiana. Little Red Riding Hood: 3 Multicultural Versions. October 24, ask your kids to compare and contrast the stories.

Encourage them to recall details about each story, and retell parts of the stories that were.

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contrast of two versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Background: This lesson would happen over a few days. First, the class would read the helps them to compare and contrast. Today they will be comparing and contrasting Comparing and contrasting Little Red Riding Hood stories Author: Shelley L West.

Comparisons of the Story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Compare and contrast little red riding hood

Comparisons: Unknown Author: Perrault: Grimm: Carter: Description of Protagonist: None: The prettiest girl that was ever seen: Back to Little Red Riding Hood - Charles Perrault.

Back to Little Red Cap - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Subject: Reading Grade Level: 5th Florida Sunshine State Standard: LA The student will compare and contrast elements in multiple texts Objective: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to do a comparison and contrast of two versions of Little Red Riding Hood.

Background: This lesson would happen over a few, the class would read the.

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