Business reports and presentations on leadership

Prior to that, he led the K-C Professional operations in North America, where he led a multibillion dollar business focused on creating exceptional workplaces for business customers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. During his tenure with Kimberly-Clark, Mr. Powell has held a variety of leadership positions for the company, including managing director for the consumer business in Central and Eastern Europe, where he was accountable for the performance of the 27 countries in the region, and the growth of trusted brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, Kotex and Depend.

Business reports and presentations on leadership

Some presenters figure it out to their great success. Other people crash and burn only to lament an opportunity missed. My suggestions will focus on the boardroom situations rather than keynote presentations.

Boardroom presentations are typically two-way interactions in smaller, more personal settings e. Start strong A good start is critical c Shutterstock Starting strong is important for any presentation and audience, but you might find senior executives slightly less forgiving.

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Executives are frequently going from meeting to meeting — often not always knowing what the exact purpose of the next meeting is. Their admin assistant may have accepted the meeting on their behalf or they may not have had time to review any information prior to the meeting.

Be prepared to cover your content in the time allotted. Also, leave ample time for discussion or questions. I was recently in a presentation to several VPs where the presenters delivered a great presentation, but left no time for discussion and questions at the end.

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Unfortunately, they missed an opportunity for the senior executives to business reports and presentations on leadership the presentation content, buy into the recommendations, and determine a plan of action.

The executives had to run to their next meeting. I understood its main point.

In some cases, you may even forgo covering all of your slides because the discussion on a particular aspect of your presentation is going really well. The key is to be flexible and cover what they want to focus on — not necessarily what you want to.

In order to achieve your objectives e. Executives are experts at finding holes in your logic or content. They want to be sure you understand the consequences and implications, and that they can trust your analysis and recommendations.

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I made the mistake of including some preliminary survey data that indicated that customers felt differently about a particular company practice. I should have either gathered more information on the surprising insight to verify it or left it out of my presentation entirely.

Be prepared with additional supporting data on any parts of your presentation that could be viewed as counter-intuitive, unexpected, challenging to current opinion or practices, or result in significant changes. You may need to have additional data at your finger tips, including back-up slides in an appendix section or a spreadsheet ready to go.

Senior executives often take comfort in the fact that you have tortured the data.

business reports and presentations on leadership

Know your audience Before you open that door you should know what you're heading into. How much do the VPs know about your topic? What topics are hot buttons or particularly interesting to the executives based on their current business goals?

Which executives would be politically threatened by your recommendations? What can you find out about their pet peeves or preferences? He wanted people to call problems what they were.

You need to find an insider who can coach you on how to best present your material to the targeted executive or group of executives. Keep it simple In a study that asked top executives at several large companies how people could present more effectively to them, the overall feedback was to make the presentations shorter and more candid.

They just want to know how they can help you. You lean towards focusing on the bottom-line in presentations to executives. The more simple and candid your presentation is, the easier it will be for your executive audience to understand how they can help you and move things forward.

A key to seizing the moment is to be prepared, which may mean conducting an exhaustive analysis and review of the topic, carefully building slides that clearly and succinctly convey your message, creating back-up slides with supporting data, rehearsing your slides several times, seeking peer feedback prior to presenting, etc.

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Oct 08,  · Presentations and reports are ways of communicating ideas and information to a group. But unlike a report, a presentation carries the speaker's personality better and allows immediate interaction between all the participants.

Her team at Duarte, Inc., has created more than a quarter of a million presentations for its clients and teaches public and corporate workshops on presenting. Follow Duarte on Twitter: @nancyduarte. Boardroom presentations are typically two-way interactions in smaller, more personal settings (e.g., meeting room, office, etc.) compared to the one-way interactions with large, anonymous groups of executives at business conferences.

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